Lehr Construction Co. is dedicated to high standards of safety throughout our operations. We strive to ensure that no employee or subcontractor is required to work under any conditions which are hazardous. It is our intention to initiate and maintain a goal of zero lost time accidents, by providing our employees the tools, knowledge and resources necessary to increase safety, reduce risk and improve loss control on every project. We encourage that our subcontractors use these same principles in their practices as well.

Through our continued dedication to safety, we have been able to maintain a low experience modifier rate, as shown below.

2005  .90
2006  .83
2007  .72

We feel that these low rates are as a direct result of the following safety procedures/training incorporated in our safety program:

Pre-Employment/Random Drug Testing
Weekly On-Site Safety Meetings
Monthly Off-Site Safety Meetings
Safety Incentive Program
Designated Safety Officer
Safety Consultants
On-Site Safety Inspections

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